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"California Magic Strings" is a live music and sound services company based in Los Angeles.

California Magic Strings - Providing live music services and Dj services, we've been working for weddings, private parties and corporate events since 2005.

Professionalism and passion are their keywords.
Professional Violinist & Wedding Band Los Angeles

Services offered:

Live Music - Corporate Events, Parties, Private Functions

Live Band

Dj services  - Wedding Dj California Magic Strings

Wedding Band

Violin and Piano duo
Violin and Guitar Duo

Voice and piano duo

Sound and Light system

A Thousand Years violin&guitar

Black Orpheus


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Live music services - Dj services California Magic Strings

California Magic Strings

Live music and Sound reinforcement services. 

 Live Music, Dj services, Sound reinforcement and more...

California Magic Strings

Englishman in New York - voice&guitar

Hudson&Delilah live music

Wedding March

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 Looking for the right musicians for your party, corporate event or wedding?

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Since 2010 we provide live music, Dj services, Sound Reinforcement and more... 

Drake - Going Home - Electric Violin Cover

California Magic Strings - Los Angeles Violinist for hire at Entertainers Worldwide
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Fancy - Iggy Azalea - Electric violin cover

Ave Maria

Cannon in D - Violin&Guitar

Blank Space - Taylor Swift - electric violin

All of  me - electric violin

Photograph - Ed Sheeran